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At MI Moto Tours we love mountains, river gorges and dramatic coastlines – and the roads that go with them. They provide fantastic motorcycling amid stunning scenery. All our tours are planned to go to interesting places, using where possible, lesser known A and B roads with lighter traffic. We believe these roads offer excellent motorcycling through some of the most beautiful countryside in Europe.

Our tours include Bed & Breakfast in comfortable hotel accommodation, in pleasant locations and with safe parking for the motorcycles, full daily travel itinerary and the services of an experienced motorcyclist/tour manager. Our staff are advanced riders (RoSPA and/or IAM) and have many years experience of touring and life on the road. Pubs and/or restaurants are at the hotels or nearby for the all important meal and evening gathering to re-run the days activities and make new friends.

Stops for lunch, fuel and refreshments are scheduled into the days itinerary so no-one should become too uncomfortable by spending too many hours in the saddle without a stop. We also have photo stops where road conditions allow.

We have an in-depth knowledge of all the areas we visit on tour with our tour managers being able to offer advice on local customs, services etc. In most cases our tour managers know the hotel owners personally.

We welcome first time tourers, couples and solo riders as well as seasoned tourers. Daily mileages are generally not excessive, (usually between 150 and 200 miles, except on continental tours where an occasional motorway day of 300 odd miles may be necessary), and we can cater for most riding styles with our "Drop off" and "Back marker" system. This allows faster riders to make good progress whilst those who wish to enjoy the scenery at a more leisurely pace can do so, the group meeting up at the next stop. We will also on request supply GPS waypoint data for each days ride to tour participants so they can navigate the days route themselves if they wish.

Group size is typically 12 - 15 bikes and we aim for about 5 hours riding time each day, which with time for various stops usually means about 8 hours on the road.

We plan the routes so you don't need to worry about maps or getting lost as your tour manager will ensure you reach the days destination without any drama. We will suggest what maps are appropriate for the area covered by each tour though, in case you wish to bring your own along.

Route information is supplied for each rider along with details of where we are staying. This covers the possibility of you becoming separated from the group, (you won't... but we like to cover all eventualities).

Places on our tours are sold on a strictly "First come, first served" basis. A place is only guaranteed on receipt of a completed booking form and the relevant deposit. All bookings are confirmed in writing.

Group riding can appear daunting if you haven't experienced it before, We use a system of dropping a person at each junction, along with a designated back marker, this allows the group to spread out so we aren't riding in a bunch and lets people ride at their own pace. From our own experience this removes the possibility of feeling you have to keep up with the rider in front. Formation riding has it's place but not normally on our tours, although a group of riders in a small town does turn the odd head...