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Why should I join an organised tour as a member of a group?...  This is a question we are often asked by prospective customers.

Here are some of the reasons why.

* No need to travel alone if you don't have some bike mates available to go touring when you are, or want to go to a different place.

* No need to spend lots of valuable time trying to find suitable "Biker friendly" accommodation.

* No need to research and plan a route that uses the best roads and misses the places you really don't want to see.

* Learn the "ropes" of long distance touring from our experienced staff who have spent many years on the road and have a wealth of experience to share. 

* The reassurance and presence of other like minded persons when you get that puncture, you set the bike down in the carpark, the bike won't start... etc.

* Good company in the evenings to share a pint in a new pub, go out to explore a new town or village, the shared pleasure of looking back over the days events.

* The opportunity to make new biking pals from different backgrounds and countries. We have customers from Ireland, Scotland, England, Wales, Isle of Man, Channel Islands, USA, Canada, Germany, Australia and more.

* No arguments as to where the next days ride should go. All our tour itineraries are planned in advance to make best use of the time available.

* Our staff are familiar with the areas we travel to, are able to advise on local issues and usually know the hotel owners personally.