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We can arrange bespoke tours to suit your individual requirements

If you require a personalised motorcycle tour to your own specific requirements, we can make all the arrangements and provide an experienced motorcyclist who is an advanced rider to deliver the tour for you.

This service will appeal to those who want a more personal tour than the group tours we provide.

You may wish to travel to some of the more “out of the way” places or have a specific location or area you wish to spend some time at. Perhaps you wish to visit a number of Scottish castles or travel around the coast of Ireland, do an island hopping tour of the Western Isles of Scotland or traverse some of the highest roads in the Swiss and French Alps.

To provide a quote for a bespoke tour we will need some information from you, this will consist of the following as a minimum.

* The size of your party.
* The dates you wish your tour to take place.
* The area you wish to tour in.
* A list of “Must see” attractions or places to visit, or the type of place you wish to visit.
* Accommodation preferences.
* Your favoured daily riding time in hours.
* Your favoured start and finish locations.
* Whether rental motorcycles required or not.
* Approximate budget

Please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements for bespoke tours by using any of the methods on the Contact Us page.

Unfortunately we do not provide unaccompanied self-guided tours at present.