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Customers and staff enjoying a weekend in Donegal.

Cong Hog Roast

These tours are intended primarily for Hurst's customers but are also open to past and prospective customers too. If you are a customer of theirs and wish to take part in one of the motorcycle weekends please email us and we will send out full details.

Our tours for Charles Hurst Motorcycles Ltd. have visited Connemara in the west of Ireland, Co. Donegal in the northwest and also the Scottish Borders.

For 2018 we will be running weekend tours to Ballina in County Mayo in Ireland in April and what is fast becoming an annual event, the Cong Hog Roast in September. Hurst's will normally contact their customers directly or by social media regarding these tours but further information may be had by contacting ourselves using one of the methods below.

Contact us for further details.
Email: info@motoireland.com
Tel: 07709 445 852