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Photocopies are generally NOT ACCEPTABLE so carry the originals.


For residents of Ireland and the UK travelling outside the British Isles, a valid passport will be required. It should be valid for at least 6 months after your planned return date. Keep your passport on your person when abroad, it may be asked for at any time for identification purposes.

EC countries, and some others,  do not require a visa but it is always wise to check the current situation with the Foreign Office well before your intended departure date. This is important for some of the less developed countries or those that do not have an easy relationship with Ireland or the UK.

Residents of other countries visiting Ireland and the UK will require a valid passport and possibly a visa before travelling. Check with the authorities in your country of residence well before your planned travel date.

Driving Licence.

You need to carry your FULL Driving Licence (provisional not acceptable, even with a pass certificate). It must be valid and cover the category of motorcycle you will be riding.

Registration Document.

The Vehicle Registration Document (in the UK this is the V5C form) will need to be carried at all times. if you are not the owner of the vehicle you will also need a letter from the owner authorising you to use the vehicle outside the country of registration.

Vehicle Insurance.

A Valid Insurance Certificate, correctly endorsed for travel in the countries concerned. A Green Card Bail Bond may be required depending on the country to be visited and the policy of your insurance company. A phone call to your insurers will normally be all that is needed to extend your insurance within Europe. Be aware that comprehensive cover will often be reduced to THIRD PARTY ONLY cover, if you do not tell your insurers that you will be travelling abroad... You have been warned!

MOT (UK residents).

If your motorcycle requires a Roadworthiness Certificate at home you will need to carry it with you as well.

Mechanical Breakdown/Recovery Insurance.

Mechanical Breakdown/Recovery Insurance is COMPULSORY on our tours. If you are unfortunate enough to have an accident or breakdown you are personally responsible for having your motorcycle repaired/repatriated etc. We cannot take on this responsibility.

European Health Insurance Card (UK residents).

A European Health Insurance Card. This only grants medical cover to a level similar to that enjoyed by UK residents for minor ailments. A lot of countries charge for doctor and dentist consultations. This card is NOT a substitute for proper Travel and Medical Insurance. Yoa can get the application form at the Post Office in the UK.

Travel/Medical Insurance.

Travel/Medical Insurance is COMPULSORY on our tours, and should be taken out at the time of booking but does not need to come into force until the first date of travel. Not only will it cover illness and injury on tour, but a good policy should reimburse you if you take sick after paying for your holiday but falling ill before it commences. It will also cover a multitude of unfortunate occurances... theft, loss of personal items etc. Read the small print carefully and make sure that motorcycling is not among the list of supposidly dangerous activities that are not covered, also make sure that there is a repatriation clause for serious illness. We are unable to recommend any particular companies policy, it is up to the individual to make sure that any insurance purchased meets their needs.

It is a good idea to leave a potocopy of ALL the above documents at home with someone whom you can contact easily if you happen to lose any of your documents. Assistance can generally be got once policy or document numbers/telephone numbers are known. I usually carry a list of the important numbers with me, packed in one of the sidecases just incase I lose something or have it stolen.