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On the pages within this section you will find some information on Motorcycle Touring in general.

You don't need an expensive touring bike fitted with full fairing, hard luggage, tank bag etc. to enjoy a tour, it may be something to strive towards in the future. Many motorcyclists have gone touring on a budget and get just as much pleasure as those on "Full Dress" tourers.  

These pages explain the basics with some Do's and also some Don'ts, they are based mostly on personal experience. Like most things there is usually more than one way to do it, these work for me! You may find something else suits you better but hopefully you will find something useful here.

* The type of motorcycle that is suitable. Click Here

* What kind of luggage is really necessary.  Click Here

* The personal riding equipment you may wish to wear. Click Here

* Necessary documents for Europe as well as Ireland and UK. Click Here