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Please read carefully. These terms and conditions form the basis of a contract between you and ourselves to provide a motorcycle touring holiday. These Terms & Conditions apply to 2019 tours.

MI Moto Tours is a trading name of Motoireland Motorcycle Tours and these terms and conditions apply to business carried out under both names.

£50 non refundable deposit per person required at time of booking for all tours that do not include ferry crossings.

Customers cancelling a UK or Ireland tour prior to one calendar month before the start date of a tour will forfeit the deposit unless we can re-sell the place on the tour in which case a refund will be made, £25 being retained to cover our administration costs.

Cancellations for tours received less than one calendar month before start date will not be entitled to any refund unless we can resell the holiday and you will remain liable for the full payment of the holiday to ourselves until we notify you otherwise, either by email or in writing.

All cancellation requests to be in writing or by email. Telephone cancellation will not be acceptable and you will remain liable for the full cost of the holiday until we receive written or email confirmation.

All money received is held in a secure account for protection and to comply with the Package Tour Regulations.

In the event of insufficient demand for a particular tour, we reserve the right to cancel your booking, if this happens you will be offered alternative dates/tour or a full refund. We will not be liable for your additional expenses if this should occur. This is a very rare occurance.

Prices quoted for tours normally include Bed & Breakfast in comfortable hotel accommodation and the services of a knowledgeable and experienced tour manager with full daily route for each day of the tour. The following are your responsibility:  Provision of motorcycle, fuel, evening meals, snacks, any other food, drinks, fines, tickets, car parking, ferries, entrance to tourist sites etc.

Please note, Personal Travel, Accident, and Roadside assistance/recovery insurance for you, your pillion and your motorcycle must be taken out to cover any loss from illness, breakdown or accident. Most policies also cover loss or theft of personal items whilst on holiday, and cancellation if you should become ill after booking your holiday and are unable to take it. The policy should clearly state that it covers repatriation for you and /or your motorcycle in the event of an insured incident that would curtail your holiday. We are unable to offer refunds for early terminations of tours by individuals or for any reasons that are outside our control.

Check your policy covers Republic of Ireland if you are joining one of our Irish tours - it's outside the UK and some policies will need European extension to be valid.

This means that you MUST have in place an arrangement to provide roadside assistance or to get you, your motorcycle, your luggage and your passenger, (if applicable), back home in the event of breakdown, accident or illness. We cannot take responsibility for this.

Holiday cancellation Insurance must be arranged at the time of booking as we cannot be held liable for changes in your circumstances between booking a tour and the start of the tour. Normal cancellation policy as stated above will apply to all bookings irrespective of the circumstances unless we can resell the tour.

We reserve the right to ask customers for proof of insurance or for details of the insurance policy they may have in force, before accepting a booking or commencing any tour.

We are unable to recommend any particular companies policy, it is up to the individual to make sure that any insurance purchased meets their needs.

Motorcycles must be road legal, taxed, insured and MOT'd if required. The rider must be fully licensed and is solely in charge and control of his/her motorcycle and fully responsible for their actions and riding manner at all times. They will in no way hold John Bruce, Motoireland Motorcycle Tours, or any of its officials or helpers responsible for any accidents, incidents or mechanical breakdowns whilst on tour.

Places on our tours are sold on a strictly "First come, first served" basis. A place is only guaranteed on receipt of a completed booking form and the relevant deposit. All bookings are confirmed in writing.

This means that you do not have a place on any tour until we have received a properly completed booking form and deposit and we have issued a tour confirmation letter or email.

A deposit is required from each person.

Our tours are planned many months in advance, occasionally we may have to make minor adjustments to the route advertised or use alternative accommodation for reasons outside our control. Any changes will be kept to a minimum and will not affect the quality of your experience with us.

Motorcycles used on all our tours should be at least 500cc and of a type suitable for touring. if you're not sure of suitability please get in touch and we should be able to advise you.

Dangerous riding will not be tolerated, we reserve the right to exclude any person from a tour if the safety of others is put at risk due to their irresponsible behaviour. This is not the place to race your mates, act the fool or to be a nuisance to others. The tour manager’s decision is final on this matter and no refund will be considered in these circumstances.

Daily itineraries are planned with current speed limits in mind. This means that we expect you to be competent to ride your bike at a reasonable speed, in a safe manner and with regard for other road users. We cannot accommodate riders who wish to purposely ride at speeds well in excess of speed limits or who wish to ride at substantially lower speeds, for example ride at 55 mph on a motorway or well below posted speed limits for no reason on other roads. This only causes frustration and is not fair on the rest of the group.

There may be price fluctuations as we operate in areas covered by different currencies. We will do our best to keep prices down and will absorb the first 2% of any increase that may occur on any published tour price. In exceptional circumstances we reserve the right to apply a surcharge on any increases above 2%.

All details given on booking forms are treated in strictest confidence, we only use your personal data for purposes directly related to booking and running tours, for our own administration, and to comply with relevant legislation. We do not sell or pass on any of your details to third parties.

Current licensing legislation restricts persons under 19 years of age from holding a licence to ride a bike over 125cc, this means that only persons aged 19 or over are able to bring a motorcycle on tour.

We encourage safe riding at all times.

If you need to know anything else about our tours, have any questions about touring, or need clarification of any content on this website, please get in touch by any of the means on the "Contact Us" page.